By Maude Bourcier

A New Year doesn’t necessarily mean new clothes. Instead, be imaginative and work with what you‘ve got. First, most of the time, the nicest clothes are right there, hiding behind swimsuits and PJs in your bottom drawer. Get them out! Secondly, a disordered wardrobe is the worst. Clothes are dangling from hangers and shirts are stuffed into corners. You only notice what you’ve got until your coats have fallen on top of those shoes you lost last month. Or, your light, summery blouse is stuck between two sweaters and you only discover it when it’s time to wear one of those wool sweaters, which means too cold for the blouse!

Separate sleeve lenghts!

I’ll now share my secret with you (which is probably a few other women’s secret too) to an organized wardrobe. Basically, hang all skirts next to the others, same thing with dresses, shirts, sweaters, etc. Then, you can create subcategories depending on your clothes, needs or tastes. For my part, I’ve separated long skirts from short ones, dresses with sleeves from the sleeveless ones, knit sweaters from sport sweaters… You get it, right?

Separate skirts from shirts!









In a hurry?

This system can help you easily find all your clothes helping you to waste less time deciding what you’ll be wearing. Once your skirt is chosen, you move to the shirts, the cardigans and the shoes. Done. Ok, you still have to make sure your scarf and coat are matching your boots, but you won’t have to deal with that before reaching the lobby. To be honest, I’ve always been an indecisive person so I’m still hesitating for hours every day, but not because my system of organization isn’t working out, I promise!


Am I wearing a sweater or a jacket today?

In need of new outfits?

Besides reducing the time you’ll spend wondering what to put on, organizing your closet will help you to look at your clothes in a different light. For example, a lot of dark clothes placed next to the others are all invisible. But once they’re separated and hung next to other colors, they stand out. Sometimes, even clothes hiding for years in your drawers will look totally new after being hung next to other pieces of clothing. This practice will help you to visualize new possibilities. In fact, your “new clothing” this year can be those new combinations you’ll create with what you already have: give your clothes a second life!

Mix colors and textures!












Maude Bourcier Stylist and Associate Editor