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Impulsive Istanbul Impulsive Istanbul

Impulsive Istanbul

by Chloe Hay Everyone should pay at least one visit to Istanbul in their life time. And better sooner rather than later, due to its unfortunate tectonic placing it may not be around for very much longer. Its high risk of earthquakes isn’t the only geographical uniqueness this metropolis is renowned for; Istanbul is the read
Melbourne’s Must See Attractions Melbourne's Must See Attractions

Melbourne’s Must See Attractions

by Courtney Marie No matter how long you’re staying or when you’re visiting, Melbourne has many “must see” attractions. In such a busy city, don’t waste your time wondering what to do next. To spend only one day in Melbourne, heck even Australia, you would gain the best sightseeing experience by visiting the Great Ocean read
Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

by Alex Kessaram Australia reminds many things from the Great Barrier Reef, kangaroos, koala bears, dingos, and Sydney, the cultural capital of New South Wales. As for the average backpacker, Australia is a haven filled with hostels and lots to do without spending a lot of money, because let’s face it, the airfare alone is read
Visiting Australia? Stop by the beautiful Byron Visiting Australia? Stop by the beautiful Byron

Visiting Australia? Stop by the beautiful Byron

by Courtney Lester Lined with cafes and bars, it was a difficult choice to decide where I wanted my afternoon drink, an Aussie tradition so to speak (or maybe just mine, but looking around everyone seems to be enjoying a beverage). I’m watching the stylish people flow in and out of my chosen destination and read