By Dominique Lawrence

Binders, paper, and sewing machines are at the ready for the upcoming season of intellectual style in the city. With reputations to uphold and creative spirits to nurture, Montreal’s LaSalle College and Cegep Marie-Victorin patiently poise themselves as they wait for the next wave of potential superstars.

When considering pursuing fashion as a career choice, one must be sure that their passion is built on strong foundations, which is why this duo of institutions has proven to be worthy; they provide education that keeps in tune with the ever changing industry.

LaSalle College

Located in the heart of downtown, LaSalle College has continued to produce fresh and innovative geniuses, and position itself as a force to be reckoned within the Canadian design industry. Being a bilingual, multi-program, and semi-private facility, LaSalle offers the convenience of a local college, with the feeling of a self-sustained school such as NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology. LaSalle offers classes that surround the worlds of Fashion, Culinary Arts, Tourism, Social Sciences and many others to a plethora of students from not only local residences, but international destinations as well. With a long standing tradition of producing talents such as: Marie Saint-Pierre, Denis Gagnon, Travis Taddeo, and Thomas Tait, LaSalle proves that with hard work and a strong backing, your dreams can take you all the way to the runway.

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Cegep Marie-Victorin

As the other half to the dynamic duo that prevails over Montreal’s Fashion scene, Marie-Victorin has created its own niche as it harnesses the will power of the students that enter through its doors. Located in the northern sector of Montreal, Marie-Victorin profits from being close to the industrial Fashion “City” that houses fabric, wholesale, and design firms, this adds tremendous opportunity prospects for any MV hopeful. But, MV’s fashion program is not just a run of the mill collection of “ready to wear 101 classes”, MV offers concentrations in fur and leather techniques as well, adding something unexpected for graduates, as they present their finished work, at the annual fashion show, culminating years of intense studies.

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