by Nicole Dixon

I'm with you's album cover

With their recently released album and also recent departure of lead-guitarist, John Frusciante, the big question is whether or not Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new album can live up to past ones.

I’m With You is the title of the tenth studio album and just lately it has started to seriously ride some of the radio waves. After being released on August 29, 2011, the much-anticipated fresh RHCP tracks were played on XM stations as well as uploaded to YouTube where they were set out for critics to dissect.

One of the first things noted is because Stadium Arcadium was the band’s last album, this in-between-albums wait has been the longest one yet. Anthony Keidis (RHCP frontman / main vocals) justifies the wait in an interview from the summer explaining that with the addition of Josh Klinghoffer, the band wanted to take as much time was needed to “figure out how to be a band with a new guitar player.”

The new lead guitarist Josh Klinghoffer

Keidis went on to say that the longer an artist / group of artists has to sit and reflect on thoughts and feelings, the more honest and truthful the product will be (aka the lyrics in their songs). The words apparently came really quickly to the bandmates as two or three of the tracks were supposedly composed within hours of their first writing session together.


Because of the swift conformity of the new Chili Pepper, Keidis and drummer Chad Smith say they feel there was a ‘pre-existing connection’ with the new lead guitarist, Josh. Despite Josh’s bandmates’ confidence in him, some RHCP fans have expressed their disappointment in the taking over of past-guitarist, John Frusciante’s spot.

Frusciante was responsible for creating some of the most addictive and widely-recognized guitar rifts for popular songs like ”Scar Tissue”, ”Californication” and ”Otherside”. Evidently, Josh Klinghoffer has giant shoes to fill.

It seems, however, Josh has given John a run for his money. The single “Adventures of Raindance Maggie” has already snatched the #2 spot for both the rock and alternative categories on the US Billboard.

Fortunately, the years put towards the new album plus the replacing of the guitarist didn’t equal to an unfamiliar style or sound. The Red Hot Chili Peppers still managed to nail the funky-rock characteristic as well as write their songs with meaning or a story behind them.

For instance, it probably comes as no surprise that the track “Brendan’s Death Song” has a personal history to it. The song was written about Brendan Mullen, a good friend of the Chili Peppers who passed back in 2009 from a stroke. It is special from other songs as the band reveals more of their emotional side and covers death as opposed to more common topics like sex, drugs, California and the fame that comes with it.

As the band tours Europe, the songs rise on the charts and Josh Klinghoffer proves his ability to fans, the album I’m With You is turning out to be well worth the wait.


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