by Talicia Ramsey

Amongt the routine of dance and pop beats taking command of the charts, his music is a well required breath of fresh air as his uniqueness and depth entertain audiences everywhere.

Artistic, fresh and extremely likeable are exactly what defines new artist Ed Sheeran.  He launched himself into the spotlight in June when his hit single ‘The A Team’ was released. The song is thought – provoking and poetic as it takes listeners on a journey in the life of a homeless prostitute. Lyrically the song is creative and tear – jerking and its sensitivity and realism seemed to capture the majority of people as the song hit the number three spot on the charts.

But who is the guy behind the widely listened to lyrics? I hear you ask; a Yorkshire born singer/songwriter and rapper who began recording in 2005 is the answer. He presents himself as being a humble down-to-earth artist who truly cares about his songs and has an undeniable love for music. After a long six years of recording, creating a fan base and playing an astonishing 312 gigs Ed Sheeran has finally broke into mainstream music.

He released  his final independent EP in January, which featured artists such as  Wiley, JME, Devlin, Sway and Ghetts, this reaped in  mainstream attention as it reached number 1 in the iTunes chart. Amazingly at this time Sheeran wasn’t even signed but the songs still managed to sell over 7,000 copies in their first week. The mix between Sheeran’s soft vocals and the harsh bars rapped by the featured artists was a winning combination and definitely made him stand out from the crowd.

Three months later, Sheeran put on a free gig, which attracted over 1,000 fans and he ended up playing four different shows to make sure everyone saw a gig. This resulted in him later that month being signed to Asylum / Atlantic Records, which lead him in becoming the mainstream artist that he now is.

Sheeran is an example that hard work really does pay off; he’s not another young star absorbed in the fakery of Hollywood and fame. No this doesn’t seem to be him at all, instead he is someone who writes songs that mean something to him and has spent a lot of time promoting himself by playing gigs no matter how small.