by Jacqueline Sager

In a world of bright, colourful packaging and pushy salesgirls, how do you really know which product is worth the splurge, and where can you hold onto your hard earned dollars?  I’ll tell you when to dole out the dough, and if it’s not in your budget, offer you an inexpensive alternate. Covering the products commonly used by women, it’s time for the lowdown on when to pay high prices.

In this first edition I will be covering three basic products.

Eye shadow

Eye shadow is definitely an area that you want to splurge in if you are an avid wearer. Drugstore eye shadows may look good when first applied, but they are not set to last all day. They are not usually packed with pigment, and the colour is less intense. In basic terms, more pigment means more money from the customer. Why is it worth the splurge? The more pigment in the eye shadow means the less you have to use, meaning that your eye shadow will last longer, and because of higher quality ingredients it is less likely to crumble in the pan. Some great but pricey eye shadows can be found by brands such as M.A.C. and Urban Decay.

Save: NYX Single Eye shadow $5.50



Ladies (and the makeup loving gentlemen out there) let your wallets relax; you don’t have to spend big bucks to get pretty peepers! Eyeliner pencils are made out of wax, and you can get the same great quality cheap, no need to splurge! Great eyeliners can be found at the drugstore with brands such as Hard Candy and NYC at prices close to five dollars, and CoverGirl and even Sephora just at the $10 mark.


Unfortunately for us, your foundation is really an area to splurge. For those with acne, scarring, or redness, you know the value of a good foundation, or you’re frustrated because you haven’t found it yet. A quality foundation will provide great coverage and come in a wide range of colour selections to match your unique skin tone. In a drugstore, it is very difficult to find the correct colour for many reasons. There are usually no mirrors to see how the colour matches to your skin and often there are no testers to even try it out. If there are testers, sanitation level will be low, and no tools are offered to apply the product. In a department store, Sephora or brand specialty store such as M.A.C., a trained salesperson is able to assist you in matching the perfect colour. While good foundations are pricey, the great coverage means you use less, getting more use out of the product than with a drugstore brand. Some great foundations include Make Up For Ever High Definition Foundation and Clinique Supermoisture Makeup, pricing in at $46 and $24 dollars respectively.

Save: CoverGirl Clean $6