by Claudia Del Balso

Pippa's haircut

After Kate Middleton’s wedding, bridal shops in the UK and North America were inundated with requests of Kate’s wedding dress replicas. And a strong contender was Pippa’s maid of honour dress, which made the headlines too. Remember “The Rachel”? The famous haircut in the early 90s that was more famous than Jennifer Aniston herself. Women of all ages flocked to beauty salons and asked their hairdressers to give them this cut. In 2011, presenting “The Pippa”!

Pippa's Dress & Buttocks (Courtesy of Telegraph UK)

In a documentary titled Everybody Loves Pippa, they mentioned this new craze: Pippa haircut, butt, dress, tan, and even the latest baby name. At the gym, young women are asking their trainers how they can get Pippa’s buttocks. At the hair salon, they are requesting Pippa’s haircut. Tanning salons have even noticed a boom in clientele since the wedding.

Some fashion trends only last a season and some more than that. However, it seems that people nowadays are more infatuated with the people who don these clothes than the fashion itself. Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Princess Diana, and Audrey Hepburn were fashion icons but most importantly they were humanitarians, philanthropists, and leaders. Why can’t women be fashionable and altruistic without compromising either?

How about you? Are you following this new trend or are you a trendsetter? Let’s hope you’re the latter.