by Erin Armstrong

Prada Shoes Spring 2012 Collection

For style this season think architecture, but instead of looking up to the sky look down to your feet. The hottest new trends in footwear this season are bold shapes, hot colours and architectural designs. From Prada and Alexander Wang to Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga, the trend seems to be creating a statement from the bottom up, and catching the most attention feet first. Prada sent the fashion world into a flurry this

Balenciaga Spring 2012 Design

season with shoes that featured flames and 1950’s inspired cars on the heel. Soon enough numerous designers were featuring similar unique shoe designs, and with fashionable celebs like Fergie and Katy Perry seen rocking the new trend on the red carpet it has officially become the new “it” look for this season. Since spring and summer are a time to take fashion risks while the weather is warm enough to show some

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 Collection

skin, it seems only right that the “it” shoe this season are resembling aliens, cars, ears, flames and alligators. This shoe trend and its outrageous looks allow it to be that fun fashionable accessory to dress up a simple outfit. Take a little black dress and pair it with a bright coloured architectural heel to get an instant chic and trendy look for a night out, or pair it with some boyfriend jeans and a light silk blouse for a more casual daytime look. Any way you rock these shoes you’ll be sure to turn some heads. This new trend thankfully is not exclusive to those who have the means to shell out thousands of dollars on a pair of shoes since retail stores such as Aldo have now begun to carry more affordable versions. These shoes truly are some of the most unique designs that have appeared in fashion recently; they are bizarre yet beautiful and add a fun quirk to the classic boring high heel. So this season, why not getting a little experimental with colour and shape to add a splash of fun and fashion into your wardrobe!